FAQs & Rules

FAQs & Rules2021-12-05T22:43:22-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can shoot at the range?2022-07-14T12:14:13-04:00

Currently employed Law Enforcement professionals (NYC Police, Probation, FBI, Federal Marshals, etc.) can shoot at any time upon presentation of their official identification.
Civilians MUST have a valid NYC Pistol Permit AND be a member of the club.
Members of affiliated clubs can shoot only at their scheduled times. If you are a member of a sporting club and would like to be affiliated with the Bay Ridge Rod and Gun Club, please contact us.

What facilities are available at the range?2022-07-14T12:13:39-04:00

The range has 21 shooting points, with a maximum distance of 25 yards. A lounge area, restrooms, and work area for cleaning firearms are available.

Do you provide instruction?2022-07-14T12:12:47-04:00

We currently do not conduct instruction courses.  However, we have NRA-certified instructors on staff who are able to assist and guide new and experienced shooters as needed.  Several unaffiliated private companies use our facilities for training.

What kind of guns can I shoot?2023-10-24T16:05:26-04:00

We permit handguns and .22 rimfire rifles only in ordinary lanes.  We also have a lane available for centerfire rifles, but you need to call us to make an appointment to use it, subject to availability.  Additional fees apply.  No black powder may be fired.  We do not permit armor-piercing, incendiary, or tracer ammunition.

How much does it cost to shoot?2022-09-16T17:29:54-04:00
  • Current members of law enforcement pay $25 per day (shield and ID card required)
  • We accept cash, checks and credit cards.
How can I become a member?2023-07-12T14:33:03-04:00

We welcome new members! You can apply online or in person at the Range.  You will need to present a valid driver’s license and pistol license/rifle permit.  Please be advised that, for your safety and the safety of others, we will not approve your membership if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you do not possess the ability to understand and follow common range commands.

Do you sell ammunition?2023-09-15T10:19:31-04:00

We sell handgun ammunition only for use at the range, and in accordance with New York State and New York City laws and regulations regarding the sale of ammunition.  We are not commercial sellers of ammunition.

Do you rent guns?2022-07-14T12:06:39-04:00

No.  Please keep in mind that New York laws, rules and regulations prohibit handling of firearms by anyone other than a licensed individual.

Can my organization rent the range?2023-09-15T10:22:27-04:00

Yes, recognized, fully insured clubs, law enforcement organizations and private security firms are invited to contact us.

Do you sell targets?2021-12-04T21:58:56-05:00

Yes, A variety of paper targets are available at nominal prices. Only paper targets are permitted at the range. A variety of firearms cleaning kits and eye and ear protection devices are also available. Eye and ear protection is required when shooting.

Can I buy a Gift Certificate for some one other than myself?2021-12-04T22:00:03-05:00

Yes, you can, provided that the person you are buying it for has a current NYC handgun permit. He or she would be bound by all of the rules and regulations of our club. They must also fill out an application when they redeem the gift certification, and they will receive an ID card at that time.

Do you permit TV and or Movie Film Shoots?2023-09-15T10:21:58-04:00

Yes, we provide our facilities for, TV and movie film shoots for those who require an official legal range.  Arrangements can be made to lease our facilities by the hour or by the day.  Please contact the range at (718) 745-1067 or by email at admin@bayridgerange.com.

Range Rules

  • The first rule is SAFETY.

  • All firing line commands must be obeyed IMMEDIATELY

  • Eye and ear protection is required when on the firing line

  • All improper and unsafe conditions should be reported to the Range Officer

  • No firearms will be taken out of their cases in the lounge area. Under no circumstances will anyone remove his/her firearms from it’s appropriate bag, box or holster to display the firearm in the lounge area

  • Each shooter will take his/her firearm in it’s case to the firing position designated by the Range Officer. Upon removal from it’s case, the firearm must be pointed in a safe direction downrange.

  • There will be NO USE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL AT ANY TIME. There is no smoking on the firing line

  • All shooters must show appropriate identification and sign in and out of the range

  • All firearms must be registered with the appropriate authorities

  • Only one shooter at a time at a position. A coach may stand behind a shooter for instructional purposes only.

  • Only paper targets may be used, and must be at a minimum of 25 ft (the first yellow line). Law Enforcement personnel may position targets at 15 ft

  • Handguns and rimfire rifles only may be fired. No centerfire rifles are permitted. No black powder may be fired

  • There will be no intentional cross-firing permitted. Doing so will revoke your shooting membership

  • No eating, drinking or loud talking on the firing line

  • No loaded guns at the cleaning tables

  • All firearms must be unloaded and/or holstered everywhere except the firing line

  • Moving from position to position along the firing line while carrying a loaded firearm is not permitted

Anyone violating these rules will be asked to leave the range

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